About: Time to leave a mark


So since I created this blog about a month ago I have been struggling to find anything to write. Then today during another night with zero customers at work I got thinking, next year I have been on the earth a quarter of a century.

25 whole years, but what have I really got to show for it? Sure I recently got a degree but that doesn’t really set me apart, and yeah I have a loving girlfriend and a job (no matter how poorly paid).

Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for these things, but if I was to disappear tomorrow? What mark have I left in my 25 years that would cause anyone to say “that was Adam”?

So I decided that this blog no matter how small and insignificant will be the start of that mark. My own little corner where I can write about my experiences, maybe one day they will looked back upon by someone who finds them helpful or at the very least interesting. If not then there will still be a small mark of me somewhere, no matter for how long it exists or how few people notice it.

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